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The TEN YEAR OLD is matured in American Oak casks, blended, then returned to a European Oak Oloroso Sherry Butt for its final year allowing the flavors to marry. Like autumn leaves on an Irish evening, a woody oak nose combines with the sweetness of dried fruit and butterscotch to crown a satisfying taste experience where spiced walnut, Sherry, and tobacco reign. A buttery cream lingers as a hint of vanilla finishes this timeless encounter.


The CIDER CASK FINISH began its journey in an American Oak cask that originally housed Irish Apple Cider, imbuing the wood with a distinctive flavour. Our Double Distilled Malt was then introduced to this cask and allowed to finish for a further six months. The result is a unique Irish Whiskey with notes of lemongrass, apples, and freshly roasted malt, followed by a flavour of wood and tart apple, culminating in a light, crisp, and dry finish. Best enjoyed over ice, where the aroma and flavours will develop in the glass to give an interesting experience from the first sip to the last.

43% alc./vol.


Aged in Virgin American Oak, THE DAPPER BLEND provides a distinctive essence of vanilla and toffee to both the nose and the flavour. Double Distilled Malt joins in, adding fruity esters and increased body. Triple Distilled Malt fully matured in Chablis wine casks completes the collaboration, offering mineral overtones and a distinctive finish. The result is a complex Irish whiskey blend dressed for any occasion: classically neat, well groomed on the rocks, elegant in a cocktail, or dashing with a mixer of your choice.

The Tale of Ronan O’Callaghan

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