“Here’s to a sweetheart, a bottle, and a friend.
The first beautiful, the second full, the last ever faithful.”
– Irish Toast

We at Kinnitty Castle Spirits appreciate that a whiskey experience is best shared with others. It’s why we’re investing in a facility to educate, serve, and inspire those whiskey travelers (connoisseurs and novices alike) who visit Kinnitty Castle.

The new Tasting Room complex will include a visitor center, craft workshop, and bar and will be housed in the coach house and horse stables located behind the castle.

Those visiting the Tasting Room will learn all about the whiskey making process, from mash and distillation to maturation, including the barrel woods that provide our whiskey its distinct flavor, to the bottling process.

Construction on the new Tasting Room complex will commence in early 2021.


It may seem remarkable given the global proliferation of the whiskey industry, but there was a time when distilleries in Ireland did not mature or bottle their own whiskey. Rather they simply made the spirit and sold it wholesale to Bonders, who would age and blend the whiskey. This business model was accessible to merchants as there was no expense in building or running a distillery, which meant there were Bonders in every town across Ireland, creating a huge variety of regional flavours.

Inspired by the Whiskey Bonders of the 19th century Kinnitty Castle Irish Whiskey is grounding this business model firmly in the 21st century. Since a majority of the flavour of Irish Whiskey comes from the barrel in which it is aged and finished and the climate in which that barrel is stored, our approach to maturation will pay tribute to those Bonders and Blenders of old, focusing on the unique barrel woods and climate of the Slieve Bloom Mountains to create a whiskey that is quintessentially Unique and Irish.

The Kinnitty Castle Whiskey Bonding facilities will be housed in the old stables behind the Castle and will open for educational tours and storage in conjunction with the Tasting Room. Construction will begin in early 2021.