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Whiskey on the Rocks: A Timeless Drink

Whiskey on the rocks is a simple drink that combines a straight pour of whiskey over ice, served in a whiskey glass. It is one of the best ways to enjoy Irish whiskey since it doesn’t mask the spirit’s flavor and can even enhance it. We invite you to try Kinnitty Castle Irish Whiskey, Aged 10 Years, served on the rocks so you can experience the rich, lasting flavors of this fine spirit.

Some whiskey “purists” say you should only drink your whiskey “neat.”  Others say you should use a single drop of water to open the flavor. At Kinnitty Castle Spirits, we say, “It’s your whiskey, drink it how it pleases you.”

“On the Rocks” Meaning

The phrase “on the rocks” refers to a spirit or cocktail poured over ice in a glass. The are several reasons for making drinks on the rocks, including cooling them down and diluting the intense taste of alcohol.

Why You Should Drink Whiskey On the Rocks

Ordering whiskey on the rocks provides several benefits to your whiskey experience.

Cools Your Drink

The first and most obvious benefit of drinking whiskey on ice is that it cools your drink. Of course, you can try whiskey neat to experience the original taste of the spirit. Still, if you regularly drink cocktails and other beverages cool, you may prefer to enjoy your whiskey on ice.

Rehydrates Your Body

While the ice cools you down, the presence of water in your drink on the rocks provides the added benefit of hydrating your body. This can be quite pleasant when you crave a glass of whiskey on a warm day.

Takes the Edge off the Alcohol

The taste of alcohol becomes less intense as the ice melts and water dilutes your drink. The dilution allows you to taste other ingredients in the whiskey when your taste receptors aren’t overpowered by the taste of alcohol.

Enhances the Aroma and Taste

Some elitist whiskey connoisseurs may argue that ice spoils a neat glass of whiskey, but we see nothing wrong with adding a rock or two. The resulting water dilution can open up your whiskey, releasing even more delicious flavors and aromas than the straight spirit would deliver.

This theory is backed by science. Guaiacol, the principal molecule responsible for the flavor of Irish whiskey, interacts better when the appropriate quantity of water is added to whiskey. This implies that serving whiskey on the rocks will enhance your drink’s aroma and taste.

How to Make Whiskey on the Rocks

Pour your favorite whiskey over ice. It really is that simple! We like to make whiskey on the rocks with our Aged 10 Years spirit. Here’s what you need:

To make your whiskey on the rocks:

  • Place the ice in the glass
  • Pour in 2 ounces of the Aged 10 Years
  • Wait a moment for the spirit to interact with the ice

Using large ice cubes or whiskey stones gives you more time to enjoy the spirit before the ice melts and excessively dilutes its flavor. When ready, take a slow sip to enjoy your drink and take note of each aroma and flavor.

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